Who is it addressed to:
• Professional Sector
• CutleryToolsSharpening Sector

What it is:
An online platform where customers who purchase IVO cutlery tools are able to access to the following features.
• Automatic tracking of cutlery tools.
• Guarantee quality standards, ensuring hygiene processes.
• Track the operator through the cutlery tools they use.

Operation: Firstly, the client acquires the fixed posts (readers), then they simply use the IVO cutlery tools, and can easily track the different places where these tools have been used and the collaborators who have had contact with them. Reports can be created by tool or by collaborator.
This is, therefore, a two-step solution. Installation of the client’s endpoints (portals and kiosks). Secondly, using IVO brand cutlery, its passage through the platform can be checked.

> Norma HACCP

> Norma BRC

> Norma CE

> Norma NSF/ANSI 2

What We Do

Quality Management

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