CNC Grinders

The company counts on four automatic CNC grinders, allowing according to the drawing of the sheet to print the conicity in the cut sheet.

This machine brings a competitive advantage to the company, reducing the parameterization time of the grinding machine. And allowing to realize new model of sheets of faster form, being only necessary its 3D drawing.

This type of equipment is considered as the basic infrastructure of a cutlery company.


Laser 2D

In order to innovate and automate its process an Ivo has inaugurated its 2D laser cutting machine, a 4000W TruLaser 3030 fiber. With this new investment a company is equipped with all its blades in its facilities. Perfect for fast quality and high quality. Cutting surface of 4.5m2 and with a cutting board with a capacity of 900kg the number of cutting possibilities is infinite.

An investment of more than 1 million euros, making it possible to carry out laser cutting work for other entities. It is necessary to write down the contact to present your project.




Ivo Cutelarias to speed up its logistics process has acquired 4 automatic warehouses of the kardex brand. These four machines are distributed in 2 warehouses. Two of them operate only with finished product, making stock of 100000 units currently, not being at the maximum capacity.

Allowing an automation of the process of picking of orders, guaranteeing to the customer a brief period of delivery of products.



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